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The new iOS 14 will be arriving on your iPhone later this year ( Getty Images )

Apple kicked off its first-ever all-digital event with the WWDC 2020 keynote in Apple Park today. - The annual WWDC developer conference brings the 23 million developers across the world that make apps and programmes for Apple products. It usually takes place in-person, so the new digital schedule means anyone can see what goes on under the WWDC hood.

The keynote is what Apple fans are keen to know about as this is when Apple announces the new software updates for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Here’s what you need to know about the updates coming to your Apple gadgets.

iOS 14: App Library, Siri redesign and new Maps app

The new iOS 14 is going to transform the home screen of the iPhone. Apple has amplified the widgets feature, found on the left screen, and makes them customisable and available actually on your app pages.

Speaking of the app pages, the new App Library is the new way to find your apps instead of having them floating around in various folders. This finally organises apps into A-Z lists or you can use the categories page to find them in sections such as social media, and health and fitness. It’s time to reclaim the home screen from all those app folders.

Siri has been redesigned so it doesn’t take up so much screen space. Now, when you ask Siri about the weather or to call someone, this information appears in a small pop-up box at the top of the screen so you can stay in whatever app you’re already using.

The Messages app is going to benefit from a new pin feature so you can pin important chats to the top of the app so they’re easy to access. Spend a lot of time in group messages? Inline replies mean you can reply directly to a specific message, like you can on Slack, and the mentions feature means you only get a notification from a chat when you get a mention. Great for any fans of the mute button.

Maps is about to get more accurate too and UK iPhone owners will finally get the updated version of Maps that was released last year. Guides will offer recommendations on what to do, and cycling as a transport method is coming too, but you’ll have to wait for a while for it to come to London.

The rumours came true on CarKey, a new way to turn your iPhone into a smart key for your car, which uses NFC, the same tech to make payments, to unlock and start your car. This will work with the new BMW 2021 5 Series at first, and will also come to other cars in the future.

There are a few privacy updates coming too. The App Store will alert you when an app is going to track you and you can choose to accept it or disallow it. As well, when you search to download a new app, you can see a summary of its privacy policy, like a food nutrition label, to let you know the data it will request from you such as financial, contact information and location.

WatchOS 7: Customisable watch faces and Sleep tracking

Lo and beyond, Apple has finally added sleep tracking to the Watch, a feature fans have been asking for for years. You can see all this in an updated Sleep section in the health app.

Sleep tracking is coming to the Apple Watch
Sleep tracking is coming to the Apple Watch

Use your Watch for fitness? The Activity app is being renamed Fitness and there are some updates to workouts, including improved dance tracking and a cooldown workout for stretches after a run or workout.

A new fun feature coming to the Apple Watch is to do with Watch Faces. Now you can create your own Watch Faces using complications, the Watch version of widgets. Developers can build them, or you can make them and share them with friends.

And there’s a new Hand Washing feature as a nod to Covid-19. Apple Watch is now the first Watch with automatic detection to see how long your wash your hands, complete with a cute bubble countdown, haptics and sounds.

Don’t forget about AirPods

Been using your AirPods compulsively since you’ve been working from home?
Now it’s going to be easier to automatically switch between devices, going from listening to a podcast on iPhone to a conference call on your Mac and back to a phone call.

In addition, AirPods Pro are getting a spatial audio update which will bring a surround sound type system to the earbuds to replicate the film experience with the help of algorithms.

When will the iOS 14 update come out?

From sleep tracking on Apple Watch, to the redesigned home page and Siri there’s a lot to keep you busy with the new and updates. You’ll have to wait till September to enjoy all those features, however, when Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone and Watch products. The iOS 14 update will come to owners of the iPhone 6S and above, whilst watchOS 7 will come to Apple Watch 3 and above.

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