Samsung Blu-ray - Blu-ray players of Samsung seemed to have malfunctioned for several users, and no one is certain about the reasons, The Verge picked up the news. Some users reported how their Blu-ray players got stuck in the reboot loop in infinity when they are with access.

However, others reported hearing this buzzing noise as if the device is attempting to read a disk, but in most cases, there are no disks in the machine, the report added.

The details

Some machines shut down sooner after they turned it on, and others reported that their devices have been unresponsive to pressing buttons and commands. Furthermore, they also noticed that the issues aren't centered in particular units.

On the community board where the support messages are, Samsung users posted the problems and said it started with the update over a firmware. However, the story on ZDNet is saying that this is not the case, suggesting that the reason may be from the expired SSL certificate that Blu-ray players connect to with Samsung's servers.

News gatherers are currently requesting for Samsung to comment on the matter. However, customer service representatives were responding to the message board inquiries, telling people that the company is already investigating.

Comments from consumers

Taking a look at comments from various users, greg2k pointed out, "Ah yes, the advantages of having Internet connectivity on a disc player. What could possibly go wrong?"

Samsung Blu-ray player responded, saying, "Shame. A stove is one thing I wish could access. Remotely pre-heat on schedule and notify me if I forget to turn it off. Seems genuinely useful. Not necessary, but useful."

"I guess it at least must provide them with an opportunity to patch bugs, but that could be done without all the rest of this stuff, with a fallback mode that allows people to put their movie disc in and press play even if it can't find the Samsung server or the server doesn't recognize it," CharmCityGrab, meanwhile, said in the thread on The Verge.

More Samsung news

In other news, the Samsung Galaxy A41 has arrived at the office, and managers are now preparing to place it on review to guide customers on whether it is worth it, GSM Arena reported. According to the report, Galaxy A41 comes in Prism Crush Blue, Prism Crush White, and Prism Crush Black colors. The Black version, particular, has shining rainbow colors from different ranges of angles.

The retail box consists of the paperwork, alongside USB-C cable, 15W adapter, and the earphones. "The Galaxy A41 has a Helio P65 SoC at the helm and it runs Android 10-based One UI 2 out of the box. It comes in a single memory configuration - 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. But don't worry since the smartphone has a dedicated slot for the microSD card for storage expansion," GSM Arena's Sagar wrote.

Title : Samsung Blu-ray Players Report Error, They Got Stuck In Infinite Reboot Loop
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