Samsung Galaxy S10
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) - Possibly the best Android devices for you to purchase are the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. This generation builds on the ten years that many new owners and loyal fans will still have to learn with their continuous improvements.

Whether you've opted for the affordable Galaxy S10e, stepped up to the regular Galaxy S10, or splurged on the powerful Galaxy S10 Plus, you must set them up, or tweak them to your taste. Below are all our tips and tricks for Galaxy S10.

Enable Adaptive power saving

Among mobile users, one of the main issues is low battery usage. Okay, that's a way to get it to last longer on the S10. 'Adaptive Battery' is one of the most significant developments in the new Android update. It uses Artificial Intelligence to stop idle programs running in the background and using precious charges, which gives you longer battery life.

Oddly enough, the feature is turned off by default. Fortunately, activating the feature is super simple. And once it is finished, the battery life of your computer can be significantly improved. Swipe from the top of the device to enable the Adaptive Battery and pick System Care to show the Settings menu. Then click on the icon and turn on Power Mode.

Wireless Powershare

This year, a new charge feature was introduced to the Samsung Galaxy S10. It really doesn't help to charge your phone, but it helps to charge other devices instead. With Wireless Powershare, your phone can be used to recharge devices like the Galaxy Watch or new Galaxy Buds.

This can also charge other phones with wireless charging, but it works better with smaller devices due to its slow charging speed. If not in use and time out very quickly, he will not remain engaged. Make sure you have the computer in hand and ready to load. Just open the Quick Settings panel and tap on Wireless PowerShare. Make sure your phone is left with more than 30 percent of your battery.

Secure Folder

Our phones play the role of our most commonly used devices. As a result, much of our confidential information is still stored. You will keep your eyes away from some of your most sensitive details with Secure Folder.

You should encrypt your phone's files, notes, and applications. To access it, you need a PIN, password, pattern, or biometric authentication.

Allow Samsung's protected folder if you have other apps, contacts, images, or e-mails that you want to keep behind another protection layer. Open Settings > Biometrics and Security > Secure Folder and follow the instructions to create your secure folder.

Messages can wait

You will snooze notifications and disable them for a certain period from the notification layer. Swipe on an alarm slowly in either direction until you see an adjustment button and a whistle. Tap on the bell and then pick the time at which the alarm is to snooze.

Split Screen

You may have noticed that the shortcut will not work on the Galaxy S10 when you use a split-screen on your previous telephones. You will now need to activate it from the summary menu if you want to use two applications in a split-screen view.

Navigate to the multi-task view and select one of the applications in split-screen mode to use more than one program. Tap the icon of the app, then choose Open from the split-screen view.

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