Samsung's UV Sterilizer Can Disinfect Your Phone
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Plus, having to charge the phone wirelessly - The infections brought by the COVID-19 pandemic are surging around the world, promoting government agencies to re-think about loosening their previously set measures. One of the things that people must consider is their personal hygiene.

Now, Samsung is enhancing their take on conquering the virus, with a new device that can disinfect 99% of germs and viruses from your phone. It also includes wireless charging. Tech Times has the details.

Everyone brings their mobile phones to different places, but they can't even see how dirty it is unless it's brought under the microscope lens. That's why Samsung is launching a new UV sterilizer that kills germs and bacteria with UV-C radiation. According to Android Central, Philips tested using this technology and the results indicated this is effective.

Samsung's new UV sterilizer

Samsung revealed that the product can disinfect phones within a short period of time, particularly for 10 minutes. They also provide a bonus in which the sterilizer may also act as a wireless charger, but the charging rate is slow at 10W. It is still best to have your older chargers. However, the highlight of the device is the UV sterilizer.

This new Samsung product appears to be the extension of the company's phone sanitizing services offered to customers in selected areas worldwide. The UV sterilizer, however, is available only in Thailand for now, at less than $50. Hopefully, other countries can also sell this Samsung product, Android Central added.

Samsung updates

Meanwhile, the first photos of Samsung's 5G foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G have already leaked, according to a listing from TENNA certification center in China, The Verge reported.

According to MySmartPrice, the listing went live without the attached images, but these leaked photos are revealing the design. From these, it looks as if the mobile device will be quite similar to the LTE variant, sporting a new color scheme in matte silver. The Federal Communications Commission also revealed the details of the new device.


MySmartPrice is saying that the specs from TENNA suggest the phone will have improvements in its specs since it will be powered by Snapdragon 865 Plus instead of the Snapdragon 855 Plus on the LTE unit.

The 8GB RAM is still present, however, the batteries come with 2,500mAh and 704mAh respectively, compared to the capacity of 3,300mAh from the previous models.

The Verge also reported there might be changes in the camera features. It will have the 12-megapixel primary sensor accompanied by 10-megapixel and the 12-megapixel ultrawide. Nevertheless, information about the announcement of the phone or the release is not available yet. However, the appearance of the certifications may lead to official announcements very soon, the story added.

Welcome to the matte world! Galaxy Z Flip 5g in matte orchid gray! Same finish as on Note 20 series and Z Fold. — Anthony (@TheGalox_) July 1, 2020

Title : Samsung Enhances Efforts to Fight COVID-19 with Sterilizer to Disinfect Phones
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