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(Photo : Rob Hampson on Unsplash) - Popular apps and websites have started emerging during the ongoing pandemic to provide what people need such as video calls, as well as entertainment. However, List Verse reported that as the apps and other sites continue to emerge, privacy protection are becoming at risk of various cybersecurity issues.

It seems like people are being watched by CCTVs through their own smartphones, laptops, computers, and other devices that have a camera or voice recorder. The report provided the best alternatives for the rising apps and websites to ease the major concerns of people when it comes to personal information; providing the conscientious consumers more peace of mind and preservation of free speech.

List Verse claimed that these alternative apps and websites are excellent, and can be trusted by many users across the globe. Here are they and all their features that you need to know.

1) DuckDuckGo (Google alternative)

Google's dominance of the search engine market provides other Google brands with the preferential status that leads to many security issues. But, one of the biggest concerns of its users is the data it collects from their personal information. Google can collect and store anything such as your location when you use it to search certain things, how long you are using it, as well as the things that you search using the website.

DuckDuckGo doesn't collect personal data, unlike Google. It allows users to search for anything, even the most embarrassing queries without worrying that their data might be collected. It also has many useful features, which have been removed from Google years ago Lack of ads and a giant duck located in the corner of the website are the difference you can see.

2) Epic Privacy Browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari alternative)

The relentless pursuit of data by Google leads to pushback from the public, forcing many of its users to transfer to open source software to fight the gradual erosion of privacy. However, many of these websites are built using Chromium; Google's open-source browser project. This allows developers to create and tailor new browsers such as "Epic".

Compared to Google, the Epic Privacy Browser blocks all kinds of referrals, tracking, ads, and IP data transfers. It also automatically deletes your cookies, history, and other information whenever you close the browser since it permanently operates in "Incognito Mode".

3) Mastodon and Gab (Twitter alternative)

Unlike Facebook and Twitter which focuses to maintain consistency and control by centralizing and harmonizing their moderation, Mastodon's basic principle is decentralizing; allowing its users to moderate and create their own sites. However, Mastodon is mistakenly identified as "Gab", another social media site that migrated onto Mastodon's servers. Both of them promote free speech since Gab operates on a principle of almost zero censorship while Mastodon depends on decentralized moderation.

Title : Top 3 Alternatives to Google, Chrome, Twitter, and Other Popular Apps and Sites
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