Twitter says 130 accounts targeted as part of bitcoin scam
Angela Lang/CNET - The social media company did not specify how many accounts attackers were able to control.

The Twitter accounts of 130 users were targeted as part of a bitcoin scam, the social media company said on Thursday, wherein attackers took over the accounts of prominent users including Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos as part of a widespread hack.

"For a small subset of these accounts, the attackers were able to gain control of the accounts and then send Tweets from those accounts," wrote the Twitter Support account, without specifying how many accounts the attackers were able to control.

Although Twitter has faced the problem of cryptocurrency scams in the past, the size of Wednesday's attack is unusual.

Twitter declined a request for a full list of the targeted accounts in light of its ongoing investigation.

Apple, Uber and other businesses were also caught up in the sprawling hack, which Twitter later attributed to a social engineering attack on its employees. On Wednesday, the accounts of dozens of high-profile figures that spanned tech, politics, and entertainment posted similar tweets soliciting donations via Bitcoin

"I'm feeling generous because of Covid-19," a now-deleted tweet from Musk's account reads. "I'll double any BTC payment sent to my BTC address for the next hour. Good luck, and stay safe out there!" All the tweets were subsequently deleted, and verified Twitter accounts, those with a blue check, were temporarily silenced.

The FBI's San Francisco office announced Thursday it launched a probe into the widespread hacking incident as concerns grow over the vulnerability of the popular social media platform.

Title : Twitter says 130 accounts targeted as part of bitcoin scam
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